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Q. Is Active PPC safe to use?


A. No side effects have been reported but there are some precautions on both inside and outside of the package.


Approximately 5 to 10 minutes after the application a rosy flushed  calor/shade will appear on your skin because of the stimulating heat inside of the epidermis and increased blood circulation to the local tissue. The reddening of the skin will gradually disappear as the heat naturally decreases.


Q. Can I use these products with Derma Roller?


A. Active PPC products are for topical use only.



Q. How can I expect good results with only topical use?


A. Active PPC products are topical body contouring cosmetics. They provide an internal heat effect similar to a fever from inside your epidermis, not from outside.


This inner hear sensation enables your skin to bring indirect consecutive reactions to enhance the metabolism from epidermis to fat layer.


A one degree Celsius increase within the epidermis enables several metabolic reactions including urination, circulation and increased blood flow. These reactions can be related with the regulation of fat cells. When fat cells are regulated, the circulation and metabolism are increased.  This enables skin tissue to get nutrition and hydration through the increased blood flow, resulting in skin normalization and decrease of cellulite.


Q. How much weight loss can I expect and how long would it take?


A. That really depends on your specific body condition. The main factors to achive good results are the conditions of your metabolism, skin and body constitution. Some studies have proven that Active PPC helped loosing average 1 to 3 inches, reduced cellulite and tightened the skin. For good results, proper diet and exercise need to be combined with the products to enhance overall body metabolism. Active PPC products enhance local metabolism, but we must understand the obesity and cellulite in the micro view. However, local cellulite is closely related to the entire metabolism. Without positive changes in your living habits good results cannot be expected. If Active PPC cream is used at home on daily bases with professional treatment twice a week in addition to a good diet and exercise routine, you should expect good results within 2-3 weeks . In average cases, it will take you extra couple of weeks to see the results.


Q. How long does the “Heat Sensation” lasts inside skin?


A. It depends on your skin metabolic condition, but usually from 15 to 30 minutes. Each person is unique and has different metabolic rates, therefore it varies among individuals. Pro Active PPC Solution provides a different heat sensation than that of Active PPC Body Cream.  Solution is suitable for professional treatment use. It generated the stimulating heat within the skin in about 10 minutes after the application while the Cream generates heat within 5 minutes (in some cases with skin low metabolism rate it took 15-20 minutes after the application). This is because the Solution penetrates deeper into the skin than Cream, so it takes longer for the sensation to be felt and the heat lasts longer because of the tissue depth.


Q. How long to the results last?


A. Results can last indefinitely with proper diet and exercise routine. Though the weight will not increase, cellulite can reappear due to the lack of localized blood circulation. This could be a sign of possible future weight gain. At that time treatment needs to be resumed using Active PPC Cream or Solution (by a professional) in combination with healthy lifestyle.


Q. Can I apply Active PPC products to all body areas?


A. It’s not acceptable to apply PPC products on areas with thinner, softer skin such as face, breast or groin. These areas are hyper-sensitive.


Q. What ingredients are involved in generating stimulating heat?


A. The active heating ingredients are Sodium Deoxycolate, L-Carnitine and PPC. There are two more ingredients used as emulsifying agents to mobilize active ingredients in the skin layers. In addition, caffeine is used to smooth the skin texture.